The Turku Castle has been a museum for over hundred years.

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Death riding under the full moon

6.5.2011 – 25.3.2012
Marja Pirilä, Tomoko Kurahara, Satoko Sai – Inner Landscapes 17.6. – 25.9.
Saara Ekström – Mary and the Master 12.8.2011 – 29.1.2012
Elves! 21.10.2011 – 23.12.2012
Permanent exhibitions  

The Main Castle has treasures from the collections on display: ceramics, jewelry, costumes, demotic textiles, furniture and toys. The Old Guard Room has an exhibition about the Castle's construction history with miniature models.

The Bailey has exhibitions about the history of the City of Turku and furnishing of the 16th to 18th centuries. There are also the dungeons of the Round Tower and the Money and Medallion Cabinet.



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